Office Administrators, Personal and Executive Assistants Courses

Our Administration and Secretarial courses provide you with cutting-edge competencies which will propel you to succeed as 21st century professionals.

Auditing, Governance &Risk Compliance Courses

Avoid the possibility of conflicts of interests between stakeholders, ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency in corporate relationships.

Asset & Facility Management Courses

The courses provides a well-rounded competency development and assurance stage for New and experienced Asset Managers across different industries.

Contracts Administration & Management Courses

SATHU’s Contracts Management training courses will enhance the skills of the participants and place them in a position to optimize the economy of their contracts.

Accounting and Finance Courses

The diversified portfolio of courses in our Accounting and Finance category aims to provide you and your team with the skills you need to add value In both private and public organizations

Corporate Fraud

Today, at this very moment, there may be some level of fraudulent activity taking place in your organization. Conducting a fraud risk assessment Training is the first step in establishing an effective fraud risk management program.

Customer Care Service

The courses in our category on Customer Service are designed to help you appreciate why external and internal customers are both important to the organisation.

Health, Safety and Environment Courses

The health, safety and environment (HSE) courses we deliver are practical and impactful. Participants will learn techniques and practices aimed at improving HSE.

Data Management and Business Intelligence

This program will introduce Business Intelligence (BI) and interpretation of large volumes of data.

Human Resource Management Courses

Our courses covers the most critical aspects such as Resourcing, Talent Management, Performance Management, Job Evaluation, LD, ER & Succession Planning.

Engineering Courses

Aiming at minimizing operation and maintenance costs, our Engineering courses offer advanced tools on analysis, operation and design .

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

The courses we provide are designed to equip you with the competencies you need to be a modern Supply Chain professional. Book and testify

Project Management Courses

The courses cover establishing the PMO, analysing project feasibility, using project management software, dealing with project risks and mastering project KPIs.

Women Only Courses

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of women-only courses is the idea that gender-specific groups provide an atmosphere where participants feel more able to relax and trust each other with personal development.

Quality and Productivity Courses

As professionals in the field of quality are being challenged to identify problems, analyse for root causes and suggest solutions. We offer you up-to-date international content.

Information Technology Courses

IT is an established management discipline, defined by the series of steps, practices and procedures used to select, install and maintain technology in business. This is the value our courses in IT category promises to deliver.

Security Management Courses

Our courses include perimeter security and surveying, access control, incident management and investigations, physical security, threat identification, searching, patrolling, report writing.

Soft Skills Courses for Everyone

Soft Skill training is working on personal attributes, communication abilities, personality traits, etc. which are important socially and professionally. These skills help you with a lot of things in the workplace. Register today